Marine Electronics Screen Cleaner

Marine Screen Clean

Did you know the fastest way to damage your screen is to use the wrong cleaner?

RipaLip Marine Screen Kleen is a combination of proprietary fluid and micro fiber cloth. The Fluid is pH neutral and leaves no residue. It will not harm Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird, Raymarine or other marine electronics lens surfaces.

$9.95, 1 Ounce with 7"x7" micro fiber cloth Add to Cart

$19.95, 4 Ounce with 12"x12" micro fiber cloth Add to Cart
  • Safe Specifically formulated for touch and anti-glare screens. Marine Screen Clean contains no alcohol, no ammonia, no vinegar, no gels or oils that build up on screens. Our cleaning fluid is bio-degradable, organically based and non-corrosive. It is safe for your electronics, phone, glasses, camera and all your lens surfaces
  • It Works Along with our Marine Screen Kleen fluid, the ultra-fine double-density mirco fiber cloth absorbs water and safely lifts oils and fingerprints faster without removing special screen coatings.
  • Approved According to COLTS Laboratories, Marine Screen Kleen is one of only two cloths ever tested to receive its highest marks and seal of approval.